Talent Negotiations

As your one-stop shop for all things necessary to get your production rolling, CPGNY can handle everything from talent negotiations and casting to contract preparation and storyboard review. Our vast database includes A-list talent, background, day players, and up-and-coming actors/actresses that will give your production the highest quality casting needed to stand out amongst the crowd, and with our storyboard review services we’ll make sure you're able to share your vision in the clearest way possible. Having over thirty years of experience and a great rapport with the top talent agencies, our in-house talent negotiation team is at your disposal for in-depth, in-person castings or having potential talent descriptions sent in a timely manner- which ever works best for your budget!

With the number of contractual details and well-established business practices that tie into hiring both high and low-profile players, our highly trained staff  can craft the best casting deals while researching and reviewing agreements. Providing insight so you can make the most well-informed decisions during the process of negotiations, we’ll review deals while advising on any number of contractual stipulations such as: vetting celebrities on behavior that may violate agreements, exploring options to include in termination clauses, social media, print, broadcast, and personal appearance clauses, royalty demands, recouping compensation upon cancellation, and much more. We’ll also prepare or modify existing contracts and all documents necessary to fit the particular needs or the production and talent’s requirements therein.

In regards to storyboard review, CPGNY will make sure all the elements required for readiness and final approval exist right down to the last detail. From objectives and navigation to text and style guidelines, narration, interaction, and graphics, you can rest assure you’ll have the perfect depiction to guide you through your production effectively!