SAG-AFTRA Signatory Services

With almost four decades of experience in SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) standards and compliance, Complete Production Group is the absolute first in helping any and all Production Company adhere to union standards in conjunction with acting as Union Signatory for the biggest of Hollywood productions down to the most creative in independent features. By helping to advise on contractual agreements in the most timely and proactive manner possible in advance of a productions commencement, CPG allows allotted time and budgeting to be saved and used elsewhere in hopes that it can enhance the creative process.

Acting as a Union Signatory or "Executor as well as the Employer of Record, we'll help your production save even more on abundant overhead costs!

By taking on the burden of making sure everything is in compliance with SAG/AFTRA criterion, we allow you to focus on the creative side of production most crucial to the career of any director or producer! Ensuring financial accuracy from start to finish, Complete Production Group will make it so that there are no surprise expenditures along the way to slow down the ongoing production process. We can providide detailed expense reports and oversee the scheduling process- so your project is certain to meet all necessary requirements, and the most effective tools can be left up to the completion of your project!


Our SAG & AFTRA Signatory Services Include The Following:

Union Signatory Representative

Union Signatory Representative

By acting as your union representative, Complete Production Group can prepare all union contracts, negotiate and advise on contract codes to make your work with union talent both professional and hassle-free. Our aim is to allow you to focus on your creative vision!

No Cost Contracts & Forms

No Cost Contracts & Forms

We streamline the whole process for you, and in a timely manner, handle the following on your behalf:

  • Union contract forms
  • Union Pension & Health contribution paperwork
  • Submit all pre and post-production documentation
AFTRA & SAG Pension And Health

AFTRA & SAG Pension And Health

CPG has a proven track record managing Union Pension & Healthcare affairs. We have the capacity to actively handle issues for a wide variety of production companies.

  • SAG Pension & Health
  • AFTRA Health & Retirement Funds
  • We can track, file, and pay all the required contributions on behalf of the talent
Detailed SAG & AFTRA Reporting

Detailed SAG & AFTRA Reporting

Complete Production Group will gladly send up-to-date reporting on your itemized budget and where you may need to shift expenses. We’ll make sure everything is accounted for. In the instance that you may need to go over-budget, CPG will notify and advise you of what areas need further financing. To us, looking out for our clients and their talent is of the utmost importance!

  • Submit all pre-production documentation
  • Review and sign contracts
  • Ensure your production is adhering to union code
  • Ensure your union talent is being paid correctly and in accordance with federal, state and local tax laws
  • Submitting payment to the talents SAG-AFTRA Pension & Health on your behalf
  • Submitting all post-production documentation and reporting that the unions require
  • Talent & Agent Negotiations