Project Financing

At CPG, we understand the many complexities in finding capital to help fund your production.  In today's financial market, one of the things that becomes challenging for many filmmakers is the fact that there are so many other opportunities in the current market that have a more secure potential-return for investors. That being said, there are still many investors willing to take risks, and we are here to help you lay out the many options you have in regards to financing your production.


As you may know, film financing can be broken down into two basic categories- “hard money” and “soft money”. Hard money will come through equity, private equity, pre-sale, product placement and cross-promotion, and gap agreements with investors which we can help to seek out and procure the best fit for your production through our skilled and knowledgeable financing team. Soft money comes in the form of options such as tax incentives, deferred agreements, crowdfunding, local and state subsidies that want to support regional entertainment content, and many other options in which funding is not made on the basis of your project’s possibility of generating profit recouped by investors.

Coupled with our other services, CPG is here to help your project stand out amongst the crowd so our team can present the absolute best overall production to those willing to help with the many financial responsibilities associated with producing your film. Additionally, we are here to seek out the best options in “soft money” so you multiple avenues in which to choose from and can get the ball rolling on what matters most - your creativity!